Just 4 Me Dance Company® is a mobile dance company based out of California. We come to your school to teach! We offer classes to children of all ages with curriculum in jazz, hip-hop, broadway, and ballet. 





We know that life gets crazy sometimes. Extracurriculars outside of school can make life hectic and add unnecessary stress to the lives of both children and parents! We cut out the hassle of after school activities by coming to your child's school! 



We strive to include as many children as possible in our program by keeping our tuition rates family friendly. Our program provides enriching, formative curriculum to dance students without breaking the bank! 



Our caring and professional dance instructors are dedicated to providing your children with personal, friendly, and individual instruction. We know that all children do not learn at the same rate and try to cater to their different, individual talents!

Why we teach


We at Just 4 Me Dance Company believe all children benefit when they are physically active. We believe that when this need is met, children will be healthier and happier. We also believe that dance is a beautiful art that provides children with the opportunity to express their creativity and improve their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. 



Each of our classes is designed to teach children about the world of dance! 


Dance is a fun and beautiful way for children to stay active, healthy, and fit. Dance helps children express their individuality and creativity. Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop introduce children to new styles of music and helps them to develop rhythm, improve posture, coordination, and flexibility. Dance also helps children improve gross motor skill and enhances physical development.


Our Preschool Curriculum


Unlike other mobile dance companies, Just 4 Me Dance Co. is an early dance education program based on a concept developed in Europe. Each class is taught in a developmentally appropriate way, focusing on dance technique while incorporating learning in the areas of math, science, and language acquisition.

Teamwork, focus, and reach a goal are highly valued and taught while helping children to improve their confidence and self esteem! 


Our Elementary School Methodology

What makes our mobile dance company exciting and unique is our ability to come to your child's elementary school and provide every child interested in dance an opportunity to participate. This is done through exploratory and elective classes. Our goal is for each of our schools to have their very own dance team!

The Elementary dance classes are taught in dance team style. We focus on improving social skills in a team atmosphere. Dance technique, formations, partner work, and performance skills are taught in a fun and motivating setting where each child is valued as part of the team!